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July 9, 2019

Audiences are raving about #THEGRIZZLIES MOVIE

Described by one of it’s Inuk producers (Stacey Aglok MacDonald)  as a “dramedy” THE GRIZZLIES is unexpected in so many ways. Based on a true story, the almost completely Inuit cast is riveting. And now history has been made into a feature movie. THE GRIZZLIES opened in theatres on April 19, 2019. It was the #1 Canadian film in the box office across the country for over 8 weeks!  

STILL IN SOME THEATRES! Get your tickets now!

If it’s not playing where you live, communities can  buy a license bring the film to their community over the summer.

Educational pre-sales have now started for both digital and DVD. (Film available in September)

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We’ve been honoured to have been able to be with the director, Northern producers and many of the cast as well as some of the Real Grizzlies as they had their premiere in Toronto on April 17 and as they did Q & A’s during opening weekend. It has been amazing to see this film begin to resonate with audiences, get standing ovations, and rave reviews.

You will laugh, cry and leave the theatre not just wanting to do something, but feeling like you can. The cinematography and the northern landscapes are beautiful. As Ken Eisner of the Georgia Straight wrote: “in the end, Russ doesn’t want to leave this faraway place. And neither will you.”

Anna Lambe, the young Inuk actress who plays Spring, the only female member of the lacrosse team (and who was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best supporting actress), was in Ottawa for the Friday night full house, and was blown away by the response. She sent us a text and photo for the standing ovation: “It was FULL!!!!!”

“Every single person stayed for the Q & A, and I was smothered when it was over. Had a few people ask for for the info for the education packet, and get this – Donald Bobiash, assistant DM for Global Affairs Canada wants to be in touch.”

Lambe reiterated that it is an important movie for Canadian audiences, whether they’re Indigenous or not.

“This situation translates to so many Indigenous communities that are going through similar issues so it feels like representation that we haven’t got in a long time. By telling it, and not just showing the dark realities but also the positivity and the revitalization of cultures, it’s giving a better and more thorough understanding of Indigenous communities. I feel this movie really portrays Inuit people, and hopefully Indigenous people see themselves in it as resilient, smart, capable and strong.”

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Critics ❤️ The Grizzlies!

“NNNN” – Norm Wilner, NOW Toronto

“Excellent…Represents one of the finest Canadian films I’ve ever seen.” – Thor Diakow, Breakfast Television, CityTV

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