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For Drawing Wisdom research means exploring the roots of resilience, and decolonizing the very idea of research.

REDEFINING RESEARCH to include story-telling as data makes analysis accessible to all audiences.

OUR THEORY is that when communities participate in identifying what resilience means and what success looks like for them within their own projects they will improve health and wellness outcomes. 

INDIGENOUS INNOVATION means using digital tools to not only shape and share stories, but to measure outcomes according to communities’ priorities. This approach is what makes Drawing Wisdom truly innovative.

TRUE RECIPROCITY lets the power remain with communities to decide what is meaningful to their project’s success. Following the Ownership, Control, Access, Possession (OCAP®) principles, ‘research’ to us means listening, giving communities access and decision making power at every stage of a project, and having them make all the final decisions about how, when and where their project is shared.

 It is a model that is sustainable and it works, it is culturally safe for indigenous people."
- Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Saanich & Snuneymnuxw Nations

Indigenous innovation: Transforming research models

We are working on our own experiment in long-term knowledge creation with inherent evaluation, through the use of digital storytelling which is both the final project output and the basis used to identify our measurement parameters for evaluation. We are calling this practical and creative collaborative approach, “research as promotion.”

This approach places the intended audience at the centre of all inquiry and counts capacity building as an essential indicator.