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About Us

Drawing Wisdom creates and distributes films, campaigns, workshops & educational resources that celebrate Indigenous resilience. 

Nothing about you, without you is a value we hold dear.

Hello Cool World is a full-service award-winning creative agency. Drawing Wisdom is our venue to work with Indigenous communities, on Indigenous projects. When invited, we offer our tools to communities. Combining their experience with ours creates respectful outcomes that continue to live in the community.

"One of the things that attracted me to Hello Cool World was the commitment to shared decision making and direction in making a video.  Knowing the history of our group and the stories we have to share would be treated with utmost respect and care meant a great deal.  Safety in sharing intimate details of our lives to help other Nations is paramount."
Sheila Dick, Health Administrator, Canim Lake Band/White Feather Centre 

We have worked as a creative ally with indigenous communities all over the unceded territories known as British Columbia.

The Drawing Wisdom initiative has come directly out of our work 
with the communities we serve, and our desire to grow impacts within indigenous communities, through culturally safe methods.

Our Services


We make meaningful materials beautiful.

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Graphic design & illustration
  • Transmedia & content creation
  • Branding
  • Websites

Capacity Building

We work with people to have an impact.

  • Digital storytelling
  • Art for social change
  • Culturally relevant health & wellness campaigns
  • Connecting documentaries & social causes
  • Solidarity with indigenous movements
  • Non-profit engagement & fundraising

Monitoring & Evaluation

Share and grow our success stories.

  • Community collaboration
  • Research as promotion
  • Data gathering and metrics
  • Epidemiological evaluation
  • Analysis and creative reporting
  • Information visualization