#Next150 Reconcili-ACTION Challenge Launches Today!

#Next150, Indian Horse

January 29, 2018

Do you know #OnWhoseLand you live, work and play?

One of the highlights of the work we’ve been doing with the upcoming film Indian Horse (based on the award-winning novel by Richard Wagamese of the same name) has been collaborating with the digital agency Animikii on the website – and as of today – the launch of the very cool campaign #Next150 Challenge. The FIRST challenge called “#OnWhoseLand” launched today on the indianhorse.ca/next150 webpage.

The idea is that every week for 150 days, a new challenge will be posted that encourages you to go deeper in your own decolonizing journey – to take Reconcili-ACTION. 

Check out the video of the three actors who played ‘Saul Indian Horse’ in the film at different ages: Sladen, Forrest, and AJ. The three ‘Sauls’ are asking you to take part by: searching our interactive map to find out on whose Indigenous territory you live, learning to acknowledge that territory respectfully, and sharing that acknowledgment with your family and friends.

For Indigenous people, it’s one platform to showcase your territory as part of this bridge-building campaign.

For non-Indigenous people, this is a great way to address the question we always get asked in workshops: how do you do a territory acknowledgment ‘right’? (Like we did recently at Xlerate! ) Well there are many ways to do it, but in this challenge you get to take a public stand, and use the handy app to find out #onWhoseLand you are.

Steps To Participate in #Next150 Challenges:

  1. Go to indianhorse.ca/next150
  2. Click “Join the Challenge” to get signed up!
  3. Sign into the #Next150 challenge through your social account – you can use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  4. Watch the 1st challenge video for #OnWhoseLand
  5. When you’re ready to get started, click “Accept Challenge” and you’ll be guided through the steps of acknowledging the territory where you live.
  6. Share with your friends, family or colleagues on your social media channels
  7. Mark that you completed the challenge and you are ready to move on the #Next150 Reconcili-ACTION!

Thank you for being part of this campaign! 

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