Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day – June 21, 2024

Indigenous People's Day, Palestine, podcast

June 21, 2024

This Indigenous People’s day, we celebrate three seasons of the Drawing Wisdom Video podcast, with a fourth season – From Salish Sea To Palestine – in production. Get a sneak peek at DrawingWisdom.app!

In season 3, host WuWas Ulwat, Jada-Gabrielle Pape (Saanich & Snuneymuxw Nations), creates space for storytellers Michelle Good, Jenna Breuer, Wendy Stevens, Valerie Nicholson, Kat Dodds and David Ng to share unique knowledge on their lived experiences. Community connections, Indigenous solidarity and personal resilience become the forefront of all the conversations.

In episode 1 of season 3 (S03E01), the first of a two-part interview – “A Thing for Trees” – Jada is in a conversation with writer and friend Michelle Good, author of “Five Little Indians” about living in connection with the earth and others. Michelle shares her knowledge about finding a sense of healing amongst the trees and the importance of understanding that we are equals with the nature that surrounds us. The concepts of spirit and love are acknowledged in a way that reminds us to practice respect and humility.

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Today is the 10th Annual Orange Shirt Day

Today is the 10th Annual Orange Shirt Day

Jada, wu’Was’Ulwat, Snuneymuxw and Saanich Nations, says:  “In my life, every day is orange shirt day. Every day reveals the impacts of Residential ‘schools.’ I am the first generation of my family to not be stolen and held hostage in one of those places.