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Drawing Wisdom Video Podcast SEASON 3 PREMIERE

Producer and host Jada-Gabrielle Pape Wuwus Ulwat (Snuneymuxw and Saanich Nations) and co-conspirators, Kat Dodds and David Ng are excited to announce Season 3 of the Drawing Wisdom podcast series. Find it On Demand on TELUS Optik TV Channel 9, and on STORYHIVE’s YouTube Channel on September 19, 2023.

HIV: Healing Inner Voices

Through the lived experiences of 8 Indigenous people living with HIV, this poetic short documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of culture to reflect on the realities of stigma and discrimination.

Down Town Stories

A film highlighting some of the remarkable stories of Indigenous people who have lived in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood for many generations, and how this community has survived and thrived in the face of colonization, criminalization, and a drug poisoning epidemic.

The Generous Spirit Project

There is real hope when we centre children’s education as a way of life, not just programs.


Drawing Wisdom creates and distributes films, campaigns, workshops and educational resources that celebrate Indigenous resilience.

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