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In HIV: Healing Inner Voices, eight Indigenous people confront stigma and reclaim community.
HIV: Healing Inner Voices

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Talking Circle on Thursday June 25 - Martin, Flo, Val, Aaron and Rylan, hosted by Darren Ho of... (more)

Earlier this fall The Inspirit Foundation, Hello Cool World and Drawing Wisdom contributed copies of The Grizzlies Educational DVD’s to The We Matter Campaign. With this donation, they were able to provide the film to over 40 We Matter Ambassadors of Hope, who are all Indigenous youth ages 16-26, who come from every province and territory in Canada.

All through this Winter, the ambassadors will be hosting community screenings and facilitating discussions within their home communities and territories to share messages of hope, culture and strength.

The Grizzlies very own Anna Lambe who plays Spring, gives a powerful message in the We Matter Campaign’s #HopePact video. Learn more on how to take a pledge. 

Hello Cool World and Drawing Wisdom are honoured that We Matter and the youth ambassadors will incorporate The Grizzlies into their practice. Together we are creating screening Toolkits, that include a discussion guide from the We Matter team to safely and effectively facilitate a post-screening discussion that is youth and community-focused. Drawing Wisdom is happy to work with We Matter and commends these Hope Ambassadors as they inspire their peers and... (more)

HIV: Healing Inner Voices explores the realities of living with HIV for eight Indigenous people who come from many Nations but all currently find themselves living in metro Vancouver.

Each tells their own story of facing stigma and discrimination, and where they find hope and love. This short, poetically-shot, documentary resounds with resilience, the healing power of Indigenous culture and most of all the strengths and voices of its’ makers. Honest and moving, this film will be a tool for healing.

Our goal is that HIV stigma and discrimination will be overshadowed through authentic representation, storytelling and cultural sharing. Most importantly, it will be a way to connect those who made it and those who will watch it, to community, and to culture.

We are preparing to show the finished film to the participants this month, and then begin to share it with the world!